Riding a motorbike is a skill and art in itself – add that to the fact that today’s public roads are littered with hazards – and you soon realise that the better trained you are, the better equipped you are to stay in control and be safe.

One of the best types of road craft training is actually off road motorbike training! This is because you will learn fundamental riding skills and how to ride competently in road conditions that you would not have been trained for in current riding tests and other types of advanced rider road training courses.

MotoScotland is the only off road motorbike training school in the UK who focuses on training riders how to ride off road competently….and then how to use these invaluable skills to significantly improve their road riding – and as a result, their road safety. Riders who complete MotoScotand’s type of training are potentially at a lower risk of a road traffic collision.

MotoScotland, uniquely, was the UK’s first and only off road motorbike training school to have their specialist training recognised by the government and also by council road safety departments. Some council road safety departments part-fund MotoScotland’s training, recognising it is better to avoid the serious human and financial costs of preventable road accidents/deaths.

Major bike insurers also endorse MotoScotland’s unique type of training. Riders completing MotoScotland’s Level 2 course can actually earn insurance premium discounts off their road bike policy. Essentially, over time, the training can pay for itself – and potentially, the training could help you avoid an accident! And the best part of it all is the fact that it is probably one of the most fun types of motorbike experiences you can have! MotoScotland’s award winning centre runs off road courses for complete beginners to advanced levels. Everything needed for the training is provided by MotoScotland, including motorbike, fuel, insurance, safety clothing/kit, food/drink, qualified A.C.U. coach, certificate, etc.. A CBT motorbike road license (or higher) is currently needed.

Based on a stunning 50,000 acre, private Highland estate where the scenery is world class, MotoScotland’s facility is 5 times larger than any other UK off road motorbike training centre. Course group sizes are kept purposefully small to ensure that each rider receives the personal care and attention he/she needs to grow their skills and confidence. This has lead the business to earn a very high customer satisfaction rating.

The training itself is performed in a safe and controlled off road environment with no other vehicles or people present – this gives riders the space and time they need to learn riding skills that are challenging enough – without any other distractions.

There’s no pressure to do any part of the course but there is unlimited support, encouragement and patience from the qualified and experienced instructors and team. With no exams or tests, riders can focus on the sheer pleasure that can come from achieving riding competence and confidence.

Some of key safety benefits that riders can learn in MotoScotland’s specialised off road training include: –

How to safely pick up a dropped motorbike – to help you avoid injuries

How to steer a motorbike (i.e. for acute/sharp turns, etc.) at walking speeds without dropping the bike – invaluable skills, e.g. for safe U-turns on the public highways, etc.

How to gain additional grip through your tyres on slippy surfaces, e.g. gravel, leaves, mud, diesel, etc. – critical skills for when you inevitably encounter these surfaces, e.g. unexpectedly when cornering!

How to ride safely on slippy surfaces – bike angles, throttling and braking summarised for control on surfaces like painted lines, wet metal surfaces, e.g. manhole covers, etc.

How to safely arrive to and set off from junctions – badly planned junction arrivals can lead to a bike being dropped; unplanned junction set offs can lead to the bike going wide, potentially into oncoming traffic!

Managing bike controls better – so that the rider is more pro-active than re-active

How to achieve better balance whilst anticipating changing conditions – one of the most fundamental riding skills that can be learned

Which brake to use on which slippy surface and how to stop safely (on slippy surfaces), under control – critical safety skills to avoid running into something you do not want to

How to identify an over-braked front wheel, recover it and avoid falling off – an absolute must for road safety

How to identify an over-braked rear wheel, recover it and avoid falling off – an absolute must for road safety

In addition to all these significant road safety skills, MotoScotland’s off road training can also bring riders: –

The ability to quickly read and adapt to different riding conditions

The confidence in knowing how to control the bike better

A balanced perspective and emotional control over fear of slippy surfaces

An activity that helps riders keep fit

A deep enjoyment that comes from engaging with nature and wilderness

Fun and exhilaration

Clive Rumbold
T: 01499 320460

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