CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) 

So you want to become a biker! Brilliant!

Saltire Motorcycles is there to help you every step of the way.

The Saltire Rider Training department can offer you the training you need, whether you are starting at the very beginning with a taster session, or coming back to biking after a wee break and need some guidance! Saltire Motorcycles is spread over a vast building which also holds a comprehensive range of motorcycle riding gear, to suit all needs and tastes, as well as a wide range of bikes, obviously! It also incorporates a café, with fresh homemade food, pool tables and a tattoo studio, so it’s a great place to hang out with your biker friends!

The rider training school has an outstanding record and pride themselves on their results. The staff are friendly, patient and genuinely want you to get a bike licence, so that you can enjoy the experience of motorcycling too. The Training School has a unique advantage of having an indoor training yard, which enables a more comfortable and enjoyable experience whilst learning. Compulsory Basic Training courses are run all year around, despite Scotland’s unpredictable weather!

At Saltire, motorcycle training is tailored to suit individual needs, which they feel is crucial at the early stage of the CBT. The instructors look to develop and expand each student’s skills to make them safer riders. They are very friendly and approachable, and will help you with anything you may be having issues with.

“I am glad I stumbled across Saltire to do my bike training, all the staff are friendly and professional but also make you feel welcome”  – James

Your CBT is usually a full day course however if required, you may be invited back in for another half day or so, to ensure you are ready to hit the road safely alone. A CBT is not a test but a training day. Your day is split in to 5 elements. Element A is talking about safety kit and why we wear the kit we do. Element B is an introduction to the bike. In this element your instructor will show you the basics you will need to know about how to look after your motorcycle. Element C is when you get on the bike and start to ride. You will do some circuits, figures of 8, emergency stops and some junction work. You will then step back in to the classroom for element D. This is the practical on-road training to ensure that you have sufficient knowledge to head out onto the public highway. If your instructor is happy that you are ready for the road, you will then head out for your compulsory 2 hour road ride. This will include junctions, roundabouts, general road riding, as well as highlighting where and when to do correct observations. Our instructors try and ensure you get a bit of experience on different road types from 20mph roads to 60mph country roads.

Saltire instructors pride themselves in the high quality of training they provide and enjoy seeing the smiles on the student’s faces when they succeed in their dreams of riding a motorcycle. An increasing number of leaners return to Saltire to attain their full motorcycle licence.

‘James’ did his training at Saltire and says “I am glad I stumbled across Saltire to do my bike training, all the staff are friendly and professional but also make you feel welcome”

He initially popped into the shop to for a wander round. He decided to book his CBT with us then bought his first 125cc motorcycle, which he then traded on the ‘Buy back Scheme’ to get his Suzuki GSR 750. Due to him doing his training and buying a bike he is on first name terms with most of the staff, and feels like a member of Saltire’s biking family. He has since introduced his brother to the world of motorcycles!

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