Q: Why on earth would you buy a current litre sports bike?
A: It’s the same as asking why do people go rock climbing? It might be dangerous, but because you can.

Absolute madness, far too much for the road, you can’t possibly use all the power, far too cramped and uncomfortable – yep. That’s why we all love sports bikes!

Most of us have a soft spot for GSXR’s, this looks like a gixxer, there is the family resemblance, it’s inherited the looks of the older generations – which in my opinion is no bad thing.

Suzuki say it’s “the most powerful, hardest accelerating, most compact, most aerodynamic GSXR to date’. It’s narrower, yet there’s plenty of leg room, the fairing is effective.


On the road it’s impressively easy to ride, but give this a whiff of throttle and boom… 199 bhp @ 13,200, 86 lb/ft @ 10,000 ride by wire trigger. At 203kgs it’s not the lightest, but the acceleration is both amazing and effortless, in typical Suzuki fashion this bike is blessed with low and medium rev punch, there’s instant go any time anywhere. There’s a lovely rasp from the exhaust which sounds better than it looks and the induction noise is addictive.

The Big-Piston Showa forked and Showa shocked chassis is beautifully poised for the road, with a bike this quick you need to be assured that if you ask the question it will handle the corners – it does that simply, with poise and without fuss. The Brembo monoblocks make short work of stopping the bike at the same time as giving plenty of feel.

Yes, it’s obviously far too much for the road, whip off the number plate and mirrors and you have a fantastic track bike – goodness knows what the GSXR1000R will be like.

It’s a Gixxer and does exactly what you expect a GSXR1000 to do – only better.

Thanks to Paul Weinberger at Cupar Motorcycles – 01334 655707
(Cupar are doing a Yoshi deal with this bike)

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