RoSPA (RoADAR) – Are you a statistic?

Are You A Statistic? – Bryan Johnston – Advanced Motorcycle Tutor, East Kilbride, RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR)

Lies, dammed lies and statistics, right?   If you ride a motorbike statistics impact on you every time you ride.  They influence your insurance, they are an indication of how safe you are on the road and they indicate the current demographic of motorcycling.

Statistics show that motorcycling in the 21st century is undoubtedly a leisure pursuit.  No longer do those who ride do it out of necessity.  It’s a hobby and it’s a hobby that significant numbers of participants enjoy without any formal advance training.  If your reason for taking up a hobby is for enjoyment then surely you want to be as good as you can be.  To do that you’ll want to practice and  take advice? If you play Golf, Tennis or follow any one of hundreds of other pursuits you are likely to actively seek out some tuition and work to improve your skills.   Motor cycling seems to be different.  some riders never seem to want to take that step and in doing so undoubtedly stifle their enjoyment of riding.    So where do you get that opportunity .  You can seek out feedback from your riding mates but how do you know what your being told to do is right?  What experience do they have?

RoSPA  Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR)  offer  the opportunity to undergo recognised advanced training based on Roadcraft – The Police Advanced Rider System.  The aim of the training is to improve your riding making you safer and more confident, not  forgetting increasing your enjoyment of riding.  RoADAR is affordable training with associates joining their local group and training under the instruction of someone like me who has undergone a recognised training course and is accredited by RoSPA as an Advanced Tutor.  When assessed as ready an application for their advanced test is made which includes full RoADAR membership.  Current fees are £ 25 for local group associate membership and £ 60 for the advanced test and full RoADAR membership. On passing your test , you will be awarded a pass at GOLD SILVER or BRONZE with the opportunity to be retested at 3 yearly intervals ensuring you continue to develop and maintain a high standard of skill.

So does it work?  Recently at a group open Sunday session I had the opportunity to meet a sports bike rider who had passed his test a number of years ago.  He had come along for a ‘taster session’.  After introductions I took him out for a short ride.  It was clear that he was an experienced rider and after a few miles we stopped to discuss his riding.  I was able to highlight where I thought he could begin to improve  his riding and we talked about riding in a lower gear and thinking about positioning his bike of the road.  On the short journey back it was obvious he was trying to put that advice into practice.   At the debrief he was really pleased that he had seen an improvement in his confidence and riding and, importantly, he had enjoyed his run back more.   We talked about a number of other aspects that he could work on to improve his riding and he decided that the  training was for him.  He’s currently working towards his advanced test.

If you want to improve your skills, make yourself safer AND increase your enjoyment of motorcycling you should consider undertaking advanced training with RoADAR.  In addition to your training you will have the opportunity  to meet and socialise with like minded individuals and join in regular group outings.

Don’t continue  be a statistic – Get Advanced Training

You can contact East Kilbride RoADAR on  (facebook address, )  our come along to one of our regular meetings which take Place at Douglas Park Motorrad Club Room, 13 Braeview Place, East Kilbride, Glasgow, G74 3XH and details of meetings can be found at  www.