What is it about the British and bigger scooters – especially 3 wheeled scooters? Why are we, as motorcyclists, reluctant to embrace them as a perfectly viable means of transport? If, we lived in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona or Milan we would all have scooters in preference to motorcycles or cars, there they are a preferred means of transport.

I’ve ridden scooters but never one of the 3 wheeled variety and I will say that I was quite taken aback – really, pleasantly surprised. The ease of use, the comfort, the practicality as well as the common sense in it all.

The Metropolis makes a lot of sense, it’s an urban design with the ability to tour. It’s great as a first choice for a commuter, for those wanting a less intimidating bike, those who want stability in more ways than one, or given the amount of on bike storage, the practicality.

This A2 category motorcycle can be ridden on a car licence by drivers who passed their test before 19 January 2013.

The Metropolis would also make an ideal second bike for nipping into town – whether that be 5 or 250 miles away…The 400cc makes 35h.p. which is ample to cruise comfortably at 70 and has pace in reserve for overtakes.

The twin wheels at the front give a huge amount of grip, I rode the bike on a dry, sunny May-day. Richard Davies from Peugeot Scooters UK suggested I find a gravel strewn lay-by to see how it performs. We all know as motorcyclists how gravel normally makes our buttocks clench? Not so with the Metropolis, coming to a halt was all calm and collected – the bike is also ABS equipped. I would imagine that the 3-wheel format will totally transform riding on wet roads over paint and ironwork.


Coming to a halt or setting off: It’s simply twist and go, no gears to think about. The bike can be locked in the upright position when for example, manoeuvring the bike out of the garage, at fuel stations or approaching traffic lights – the latter can be done at about a slow walking pace, thus enabling the rider to avoid putting a foot down. When setting off, the bike unlocks at speeds above 6mph, and therefore handles like any other bike. The Bike has a relatively low seat (780mm) so it’s really easy to get your feet down if desired – no need to panic.

If you can ride a push bike, after a little guidance you could ride this, it’s really that simple. The bike features keyless go, daytime running led lights, an adjustable windscreen, 12v power socket, parking brake, a foot brake (for those converted car drivers) and more funky styling features.

There’s enough storage under the seat for an open face helmet, whilst the ‘boot’ will hold a full-face helmet, there’s also a knee high wide storage area and two smaller cubbyholes just under the handlebars – amazing.

You know the old saying ‘don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it”? There are currently two Metropolis dealers in Scotland, both of whom will have a demo;

  • Portman Motors Ltd, 24 Portman Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow G41 1EJ – Phone: 0141 429 6701
  • Shirlaws, 92 Crown Street, Aberdeen Aberdeenshire AB11 6HJ – Phone: 01224 584855

It’s well worth a look.

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