Niall Mackenzie and Neil Hodgson have been working on developing the brand Mackenzie Hodgson for over two years, with the major driving force behind the project being passion and the opportunity to provide insurance by bikers, for bikers.

Mackenzie Hodgson Insurance is a trading name of Autonet Insurance Services Ltd. Autonet Insurance was established in 1998 in Stoke-on-Trent and has rapidly grown into one of the largest insurance brokers in the UK. Autonet have won multiple awards; having been recognised as Personal Lines Broker of the Year (2010 and 2014) and Independent Broker of the Year (2014-2015), before being named in the Top 50 UK Brokers in 2016 by The Insurance Post to name a few.

‘I’ve been working for over two years now with the insurance sector alongside fellow ex-racer Niall Mackenzie to deliver motorcycle insurance by bikers for bikers. When I was racing I always wanted to be the best. Now my focus is on delivering the best motorcycle insurance I can for bikers.’ Neil Hodgson

SBM: Why did you want to start up in what is a very competitive market place? Why now?

N Mac: The idea came about over two years ago when a mutual friend of myself and Neil Hodgson (who is involved in the Insurance industry), suggested there may some mileage in us forming a bike insurance company.
He felt our names carried credibility within the industry, and as we are involved with many areas of biking (Road and off road riding, racing,TV and printed media,track days and chat shows) plus constantly mixing with bikers, this would be a good platform for a new name in insurance.
As our idea gained momentum and explored ways of structuring the company, we also organised Focus groups to get ideas of positives and negatives from bikers and how we could improves insurance products.
Customer service and price of course were the important aspects but we also found other areas where we can provide a more interesting and efficient product as we build up our business. Good luck or fate played a big part in setting things up as around the same time Autonet Insurance were investigating getting involved in bike insurance. They understood our concept so with their help and experience we put a plan in place.

Mackenzie Hodgson is different as we are two individuals very much involved and active in many areas of the bike industry. Our name is above the door so there is no hiding when it comes to looking after customers. We are totally committed to our business so in the event of a problem we are ready to take responsibility and will endeavour to help our customers. We are Brokers but Neil and I are very much involved with insurance products specific to Mackenzie Hodgson, much of the decision making and the day to day running of the company.

SBM · What makes Mackenzie Hodgson ‘different’ from other established insurers?
N Mac: We are passionate bikers providing insurance for bikers.
We are already competitive on price and have some customers choosing us as we are the cheapest, however, there will never be any compromise on quality or customer service.
Our insurance and benefits are on a par with the best out there but we have some unique products in the pipeline to enhance security that will be free of charge for new and existing policy holders.
We are also finalising agreements with riding equipment manufacturers and circuits to provide attractive discounts for our policy holders.
Quotes are available now here 0330 343 8751 and in 2018 we will also appear on all the major comparison sites.