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MV Agusta have always had a reputation for producing beautiful motorcycles, sometimes at the expense of practicality. In recent years, a different range of MV’s emerged, some of which got overlooked, for all sorts of reasons – in amongst that range was the Turismo Veloce –  or ‘Fast Tourer’. I took a spin out on a bike that’s been out a year or so.

The Turismo feels like a comfy sports bike, sitting on board this 8oocc triple bikes – the high bars come back to meet you, the mirrors feel quite close to your elbows. This is not an extremely tall motorcycle, I’m 5’9 and had the balls of both my feet on the ground. The bike ‘feels’ light and agile even whilst parked.

The full colour dash has plenty of info, with numerous menus to scroll through, some purists may say that there’s too much! The bike tested was in true Italian red with the lovely MV logos glistening on the tank, the chassis parts on this Veloce model are a mixture of Marzocchi and Sachs, the bike looks neat and attractive as most Italian bikes do, especially the exhaust and lights, all the styling touches. This Veloce model also features a slipper clutch, quick shifter, multi stage traction control, cruise control and blue tooth..and more!


There are nice touches all around the bike, the luggage looks as though it’s been designed as an integral part of the bike – not bolted on as an afterthought – meaning that this bike would be a doddle to filter on (the bars are wider than cases – not the other way around as with some adventure bikes). The screen is manually adjustable and manages to deflect more of the wind blast.

On the move the Veloce feels nimble and light, the engine has the lovely triple howl as the revs rise. Whilst the red line is 11,000 this reworked F3 engine produces 110 bhp and 61ib/ft torque – 90% of which is made at 3,000 rpm which means that the engine has ample performance for most riding situations – especially in the Sport mode. The riding position gives plenty of control with a feeling that the bike is very flick able.

Does it do the job? – yes indeed, it’s a bike that can either be used every day or for that long-distance touring holiday, whatever you do it will make you smile every time you open your garage door!

Thanks to Paul Weinberger at Cupar Motorcycles – 01334 655707

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