DAS (Direct Access Scheme)

To gain a motorcycle licence of any kind, you must pass a CBT course and a motorcycle theory test.

Once you have both of these under your belt, you progress to your Module1 practical test, which involves seven manoeuvres carried out in a large off-road area.

After passing that, then it’s Module2 practical test which assesses your on-road riding. With that passed, you’re sorted!!

We offer all routes to your full licence. If you are 17-19 years of age, training will be carried out on a 125cc motorcycle. On passing all parts of the test, you will be restricted to a 125cc motorcycle, (A1 licence) and can elect to sit a further test at age 19 to move up to A2 licence. If you are 19-24 years, you will train on a motorbike of 25-35kw, (in our case, a restricted ER5) and, on passing all parts of the test will be able to ride a bike of 35kw (47bhp) (A2 licence). After 2 years, you can elect to sit a further test to gain your full (A) licence. 24 or above, then you are “direct access” and can go straight to a full category A licence, training on a bike of 600cc or more. We use Yamaha Diversion 600s, or lowered Suzuki SV650s for the shorter folk among us!

L to R, Michal, Ian, Stuart, Margaret, Bob

Stuart, Ian, Michal and Bob are on hand to take you through your CBT if required, and then Ian, Michal and Bob can further your training, culminating in your Mod1 and Mod2 test passes! Michal is Polish, so is able to offer bi-lingual tuition, as understanding the finer points is always easier in your first language! Margaret deals with bookings, and everything no-one else wants to do!!

We are based in Dundee, and cover all of Angus and Perthshire, but also will train anyone from anywhere if they are able to get to us! We are a happy, family based business who offer professionalism and enjoyment in equal measure.
We were the first ATB to achieve MCIAC Accreditation, with all the Quality Assured benefits this brings to the business. We are still the only ATB north of the border to have this award!
A full DAS course, which includes CBT, all training (at least 7 x 2hr lessons, and more if required) and a Mod1 and Mod2 test, costs £685. The only other cost is £23 for a motorcycle theory test. Although this sounds a lot, we will discuss payment plans with you, and find the best solution for you and us. We will also tailor your training course to suit your needs time-wise, and can offer lessons 7 days a week, and after hours in the summer time when failing daylight is not a problem. We also get a lot of offshore workers, so are well used to folk who either don’t get back when they should, or get sent away earlier than they hoped. Juggling tests is something we have down to a fine art!

At this time of year, as the weather warms up, booking a few weeks in advance is a good idea to make sure you can get the dates you want, although it’s always worth asking last-minute as we sometimes get cancellations.

If we can help further, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

GMTS (Tayside) Ltd

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