British Talent Cup 2018

Jack Hart photo © Jennifer Charlton Photography

Lewis Paterson photo © Jennifer Charlton Photography

Adon Davie Photo © Jennifer Charlton Photography








These three young Scottish riders have been selected from nearly 100 hopefuls to take part in the 2018 British Talent Cup.

The British Talent Cup is designed as the perfect stepping-stone for riders from the British Isles to get onto the world stage, providing an opportunity like no other. Races will take place at existing Dorna events – such as MotoGP™ and MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship weekends – and the riders will race on Honda Moto3™ machinery. The bike will be a Honda NSF 250R Moto3 machine.

Designed to develop British riders who would otherwise struggle to gain an opportunity to showcase their talent, the Cup will race at Dorna-run events including the UK Round of WorldSBK at Donington Park and the British GP at Silverstone.

The selection program for the Cup was at the 2017 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, where prospective riders were put through their paces and the best offered the chance to race in the Cup’s inaugural 2018 season.

Best of luck guys.

Adon Davie – 12

Jack Hart – 13

Lewis Paterson – 16

When did you first start riding?

Jack: I had my first go on a Mini-moto on my 7th Birthday.

Lewis: I started riding motorbikes at the age of 6 years old.

Adon: I started riding when I was 6.

What was your first bike?

Jack: I was loaned a wee Polini 910 Mini-moto to compete in the Scottish Mini-moto Championship before my mum and dad bought me a Polini GP6.


Lewis: My first motorbike was a JR Suzuki 50 Motocross bike.


Adon: My first bike was a little Chinese mini-moto that my Dad bought for me to play on. We used to ride it on an old piece of disused road close to our house.

How did you get started?

Jack: I have loved bikes for as long as I can remember and saw the Mini-moto’s at the Scottish bike show when I was about 5 and was desperate to try one! At that time, you had to be 7 to be allowed to race one, so I waited until then and tried out with McIntosh Mini-motos where I was given a bike to run in the Championship that year.


Lewis: I got into motorbikes because of my Dad. He had raced bikes since 1991 and is still racing to the present day. He was the person who got me into bike racing.


Adon: My Dad took to the Scottish Motorcycle Show at Ingilston where we first met Alan McIntosh of McIntosh Minibikes. We were invited to take part in the annual Kid’s Mini Moto Competition where 10 new riders are given the chance to win a free mini moto to ride in the Scottish Mini Moto Championship. I must have impressed enough as I was given a Polini 910 to start competitively racing.

When and where was your first competitive ride?

Jack: My first competitive ride on a big bike was the day I sat my SACU license test on my Aprilia 125.  It was the week after my 12th Birthday and I went on to race in the Formula 125 race at Knockhill the same day.


Lewis: My first competitive race was in 2008 and Shiplaw Motocross Track in Scotland.


Adon: My first race was back in 2012 when I was 7 and was at a small outdoor Kart track called Westlands, near Gretna.

What’s your favourite circuit & why?

Jack: I love the Ricardo Torno circuit at Valencia!  It’s mainly left handlers, but I just love the way it flows.


Lewis: My favourite circuit is East Fortune because it is very fast and flowing and suits my riding style. I’ve also been going to East Fortune since I was months old.


Adon: On the mini bikes my favourite track is a large outdoor kart track called Raceland near Macmerry in East Lothian. Its fast and flowing and I always rode really well there taking numerous poles positions, fastest laps and wins. On the Aprilia 125 I raced for part of last season my favourite track is Knockhill Reverse Direction as it seems to suit my high corner speed style. At my first race meeting there I was only half a second off the 125-lap record which I was really pleased with.

Which rider inspires you the most?

Jack: Like most racers I love Valentino Rossi, but you can’t help but be amazed at what Marquez can do with a bike!.


Lewis: The rider that inspires me the most is Ryuichi Kiyonari. He inspires me because he is a shy rider who doesn’t say much, but does the talking on the track.


Adon: Has to be Valentino Rossi. I’ve grown up watching MotoGP since I was a baby and he’s still there now battling for championships. What I find most impressive is the way has changed his riding style over the years to stay at the top.

What was the Talent Cup selection process like at Silverstone?

Jack: It was a really tough day, especially as we didn’t know what to expect but I loved riding the bike and knew I just had to keep improving every session to be in with a chance.  I was delighted to get through to the last group.  There were some amazing riders in that group so knew I had to go all out in that final session and thankfully I did enough to make the cut.


Lewis: The selection process at Silverstone was very nerve-racking but an enjoyable experience. It was tough to see the upset people who had not made it through to the next stage but I had to keep my focus, so I could ride to the best of my capabilities and try to impress the scouts as much as I could.


Adon: As this was the very first time this had been done it was a huge unknown for all the riders as no-one knew what to expect. I could see on the day a lot of the riders were very nervous which actually made me less nervous in a strange way. Before each of my sessions I did my usual preparation routine which helped me focus. Once I was out on the bike all I was concentrating on was riding apex to apex and upping my pace lap by lap session by session. The hardest part was waiting to see if you had made it through to the next session which was quite brutal as after each round of sessions a sheet was put up with the names of the riders who made it through so if your name wasn’t there you were out. Thankfully my name kept coming up on the sheets, so I just carried out on steadily upping my pace right up until the last session where in the last few laps I was pushing on as hard as I could. The wait to find out the final 22 riders seemed to take forever but when my name was read out I couldn’t believe it. In fact I still have to pinch myself to remind me that this actually happened!!

What was it like meeting the British guys from MotoGP?

Jack: It was brilliant to meet the MotoGP rider and to experience the whole atmosphere of being in the paddock and all of the media attention.  The whole time I was thinking “this time next year I will be racing here!”  It’s still hard to believe.

Lewis: It was very inspirational because they were like us not so long ago, so it inspires me because that could be me in the next 10 years giving the same speech to the next wave of talented youngsters. It was cool because they get to race against the best racers e.g. Rossi, Marquez and Lorenzo and you are actually speaking to them in person. You feel special that they are speaking to you, your childhood heroes.


Adon: It was great to meet the British racers at Silverstone they were very nice guys and talked away to us on how they had reached MotoGP. The best bit was when Cal took us into his pit box and we got a close-up look at the RCV, he was telling us the cost of some of the parts like the forks which was just unbelievable.


Will you have to adapt your riding style?

Jack: It’s very different from the Aprilia 125 I also rode in the Scottish Championships this year and I did have to change my style between the two throughout the year. I am looking forward to not having to do that this year!


Lewis: I have not adapted my riding style yet because I haven’t had a shot of one, but I feel I will have to change my style a bit because it’s a much smaller and lighter bike then I have ridden for the last 2 seasons.


Adon: I’ll only know if I have to do this when I ride the Moto3 bike in Valencia in March.  My high corner speed style comes from riding mini-moto’s for 7 years and this style has served me well so far on both the Aprilia RS 125 and the Honda CBR250 I rode on the selection day.

Which events are you most looking forward to in 2018?

Jack: The MotoGP at Valencia as I love that track and I also love Donnington, but also really looking forward to Silverstone and Assen.


Lewis: I’m most looking forward to Assen and Valencia because it will be interesting to experience the tracks abroad and to see the differences from Britain. Valencia will be my best to look forward too because it is the final round of MotoGP, so it could be a title decider in MotoGP and British Talent Cup!


Adon: I’m looking forward to Silverstone the most as we will be there at the same time as MotoGP. I’m really looking forward to riding the track hopefully in front of a big crowd and we might get to meet more of the riders.

What are your goals for the first season?

Jack: Like everyone else I want to win, but I also want to improve and learn more about the bike and my riding style every round.


Lewis: My goal for the first season is to be consistent top 10 and challenge for podiums. This will be challenging because there is lots of fast riders, but I am ready for the challenge.


Adon: The majority of the selected riders have experience on a Moto3 bike and the also tracks, whereas I haven’t, but having said that still I feel confident enough within myself to get into the top 10 in my first season then I’ll take it from there and hopefully build on that.

How do you keep ‘bike fit’?


Jack: I’ll be out on my pit-bike and I cycle and run.  My local gym have sponsored me some Personal Trainer time which is helping with my core training and I also train and play football with my local team.


Lewis: I do boxing training and cycling. Also, I just got a gym membership so I will be working hard so I am in the best shape and ready to race for long races.


Adon: When I was riding mini bikes, I would do basic light training like push-ups, sit-ups and planking as well as a little off road riding. Since being selected for the British Talent Cup I go to the gym 3 times a week where, at the minute, I’m cycling 45 miles and running 15 miles a week as well as light weights and resistance training. My plan is to steadily increase the amount I do at the gym to build up my strength and stamina for the 2018 season. I’m also riding a lot more off road which all helps for next season.

Where would you like to be in 2 years?

Jack: I would love to be back over in the FIM CEV Repsol Moto3.  We did the European Talent Cup this year as a privateer team (me my dad and my mum lol).

The talent out there is amazing, so I would be great to progress to that level.


Lewis: In 2 years I would like to be at a higher level of racing in a team with lots of support and fans enjoying watching me racing. I would like to be competing abroad at bigger, better tracks around the world.


Adon: My short term goal is to progress into the Junior World Championship. If I can

have a good first season in the BTC and learn the bike and the tracks, then I would hope to build on that to be challenging for podiums by the end of year 2 so I would see that as great progress towards this goal in the short term.

Who are your personal sponsors?

Jack: Constant Power Systems, Future Architectural Designs, Absolute360


Lewis: Mum and Dad


Adon: My personal sponsors are Saltire Roofing & Building Ltd, Hoy Construction Ltd, Mullens Coachworks and my Uncle Derek. Without all these guys help and support I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in. Always looking for more help though!!!!!!!!

Who do you want to thank for getting you where you are?

Jack: My Dad and my Mum, John McPhee who has been mentoring me this past year, all the organisers and Marshall’s at Knockhill and Melville (especially the ones who would stop me falling over at the end of the warm up when I couldn’t reach the ground when I started on my 125!!), McIntosh Minibikes, CoolFAB, and the British Minibike Championships, and all my sponsors over the last year.


Lewis: I would like to thank my Mum and Dad for helping me travel places and pay for my racing. Also, my Grandad for helping too. Howard Cross and Craig Lindsay my mechanics for giving me advice.


Adon: I’ve got a lot of people to thank for the journey I’ve been on for the last seven years. Huge thanks to all my sponsors, all the friends and neighbours for coming to watch me (even in the rain!!) McIntosh Minibikes for all the engine rebuilds and spare parts over the years, Lewis Rollo, Steve Jones, Niall McKenzie, Alan McIntosh and the SACU for all their support, coaching and words of wisdom and finally to my Dad, Mum and Sister for always being there for me with their support and encouragement right from the start.

How can folks follow your progress on social media?

Jack: On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at JackHartRacing, or via my website

Lewis: Facebook Page – Lewis Paterson Racing Instagram – lewis_paterson11

Twitter – @lrdpat11

Adon: You can follow me on Twitter @adondavie38 and also my Facebook page Adon Davie Racing. My website is still being built at the minute and I’ll put details of this on both my Twitter and Facebook pages.